Kareena Kapoor’s Lip not Ready for Emraan Hashmi


Emran Hashmi who known to all as Bollywood Kisser. In 2004 Emran Hashmi Murder movie main female actor Mallika Sherawat where see Emran Hashmi kissing scenery which is more appearable and take attention to all. Emran Hashmi most of the movie is more prefer by his lover for Kissing serial. But now Kareena Kapoor do not like Emran Hashmi lips to touch by her lips and Kareena Kapoor disappoints


. Emran Hashmi all time like to kiss his heroine in his movie. But whats happens there? Source of Zee news when ask  a question about Badtameez Dil to producer Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor, find a question and answer a question about Emran Hashmi first movie with Kareena Kapoor. Kareena is fed up. Before some days ago Katrina is not agree for do act with Emran Hashmi.


Not only Katrina but also most of the bollywood female actor do not like to act with Emran Hashmi. Emran Hashmi all time kiss with sensible and talented to Vidya Balan in Entertainment movie Dirty Picture where Emran Hashmi looks different shows. Now most of the Emran Hashmi lover wait for see new heroine Kareena Kapoor romance with Emran Hashmi, when it is seen to all. Kareena Kapoor is now a leading lady of Bollywood.

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