Lifestyle of Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor


Life style of Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor



Kareena Kapoor is film actor and her name and fame is worldwide. She is now top one number bollywood female actor. Kareena kapor father’s name is Randhir Kapoor and her mother’s name is Babita. Another famous bollywood female actor Karisma Kapor her sibling. Kareena Kapoor leads the Hindi cinema by doing good performance and take attention from all audience in hall by doing various characteristics movie such as romantic, arts film, comedies. Kareena Kapoor is more popular and work as a good actors in “Three Idiots” , In 2009 “Three Idiot ” earn highest benefit from all time gross profit from all Hindi movie. In 2001 “Asoka” is one of the war movie and do a good performance bollywood king Khan Shahrukh Khan. Another big budget movie in 2001 Kareena Kapoor acting  on “Khabi Khusi Khabi Gham” and take attention from all audience. Kareena Kapoor Husband’s name is Saif Ali Khan who is a famous Bollywood actor. Kareena Kapoor is second wife of Saif Ali Khan. In recent Kareena Kapoor say,”she do not like to born a children”. It is just jokes but Kareena also say she love Saif Ali two children who are they comes before wifes, they are Kareena’s children and like to work as a mother. In 1980, 27th September Kareena Kapoor comes to earth and Kareena Kapoor birth place is Mumbai. Karina Kapoor spend her childhood time in Mumbai and continue Kareena her study at Jamnabai Narsee  School, Wekhan Girls School, Mithiai College, Government Law college. And also Kareena attend in Harvard University where Kareena’s main subject is Microcomputers. Heroine is one of the attraction to all Kareena lover in 2012 and all people love Kareena’s good performance.

Kareena Kapoor  take his position now bollywood leading female actor. One by one three Khan act with Kareena Kapoor such Salman Khan big Boss of Bollywood, Aamir Khan Talash, Shahrukh Khan Rao-one which is more appear to all. Kareena is now super heroine. Bur Kareena is busy with her husband Saif Ali Khan and leads a happy life.


Image source:   images.memsaab

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