Monday, 26/6/2017 | 6:57 UTC+0
  • "Five accused men transporting to Delhi court"
    Five men accused of the gang rape appear in Delhi court

    Five Indian men accused of the gang-rape and dispatch of a 23-year old woman bonk appeared before a magistrate to pore charges against them. But rowdy scenes in the crowded courtroom delayed hearings for much of the day and lifted concerns over the power of Bharat’s creaky juridical scheme to understanding with such a responsive

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  • "HIV.AIDS"
    What is HIV? What is AIDS?

    AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a ailment caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The sicknesses alter the immune system, building people much more susceptible to contamination’s and diseases. This vulnerability get worse as the illness steps forwards. HIV is bringing into being in the body liquids of

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  • Why world need Julian Paul Assange ?
    Why world need Julian Paul Assange ?

    Julian Assange who was a famous person for is braveness by publish top secret information open for all. He lives in now Ecuadorian embassy in London. He can not leaves this place cause of fear to arrested by Swedish police. He is a famous for find a leak of website and hacking. He was born

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  • The Era of Arab Spring
    The Era of Arab Spring

    People want to freedom and peace. Following these they like to democracy. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Tunisia. One by one country create civil war and killed many innocent people most of them are children and young generation. In Libya Muammar Gaddafi is a leader who was a steam ruler but in his

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  • No Value of Garment Workers Life in Bangladesh
    No Value of Garment Workers Life in Bangladesh

        In last year 2012 November 24th a fire create in Tazreen Fashions factory in Ashulia in Bangladesh. By government report 112 workers killed by fire and most of them workers are women. But private report killed more than 112 workers. It is a great shock not only for Bangladesh but also for all

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  • "Brad Peyton Adapting Young Adult Novel MONUMENT 14"
    Brad Peyton Adapting Young Adult Novel MONUMENT 14

    Filmmaker penning book with eye toward directive. Deadline has speech that writer/director Brad Peyton (‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’) is set to change the rank instalment of Emmy Laybourne’s post-apocalyptic girlish grownup trilogy ‘Monument 14.’ Unexcelled described as ‘The Breakfast Club’ set after the apocalypse, the 2012 novel follows a forgather of teens who are

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  • Barack Obama Effect on World
    Barak Obama Effect on World

      Barack Obama re-selected  for American president. His strategy for world domination is different from others. And he can not control his countries violence and their day by day increase silence killer. Before some  era many country dominates earth such as Russia, England. But after five years people think America loss their power and China

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  • Indian Girl gang Rapped and Died

        In recent year there has a sad news in our burgening topics a girl was gang rapped in bus Delhi who was an medical student. Her father was a poor man who works on a railway station in Delhi as a day labour. She is a good student and whom meritorious is help

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  • "Solar Panel"
    How can people make Solar Panel?

    Electricity is more need day by because of its uses in every purpose. But present situation its constituents is decrease by more using. For this scientists think different something which help to reduce its materials such oil, coal and others. Now a days by ocean water use by using turbine blade scientist create more energy

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  • " NASA - International Space Station"
    NASA – International Space Station

      NASA means National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its agency control by American government. In day by day NASA create new something which is attemtion in all people in this whole world. NASA has a business pogramme which is established International Space Station it is make by commercially. In before space shuttle of NASA

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